Valediction for Warden Timothy E.Macey (1988-2001)

[at non effugies meos iambos. Catullus. by HMD.]

Warden, today is both the time and place
To hail you having run your College Race.
Thirteen, that most unlucky of all numbers,
Has proved a lucky one for St.Columba’s,
For, since the Reins of Office you assumed,
Our close community has strongly bloomed.
As Abdicating Monarch you survey
A Microcosm-World where you held sway.
Let’s pause, reflect upon the MACEY ERA,
Marked by the clink of marks, pesetas, lire,
Whose bearers, often nymphs of striking beauty,
Lightened the chores of jaded males on Duty.
‘Si monumentum…’ fact and NOT conjecture:
Your Reign has been our Age of Architecture.
Not shabby random piles which we deride,
But handsome structures to be viewed with pride:-
MENS SANA – catered for in Girdham’s Thoughts Hall;
IN CORPORE SANO – in Terrie’s Sports Hall;
While budding artists now at last can preen
Themselves on hanging – in the Mezzanine.
All this against the background of The Road,
Which ends the privacy of our Abode.
Our Nightmare, long conceived and while in hand
Resembling Passchendaele’s grim No-Man’s Land.
But I digress with gripes I’ve long been hoardin’,
Returning now to you, Departing Warden.
As Teacher: vigorous, enthusiastic,
Dramatic, inspirational, bombastic.
When you ‘performed ‘ in RICE I’d profit much,
Enyying you your lucid, lively touch.
Your yearly ‘College State of Health Address’
Was one you laboured vainly to compress…
For Prize Day, when you more than did your bit,
Ignoring “Brevity’s the soul of wit…’
In early days, with youthful zeal replete,
You tried to run the College off its feet;
While first time anglers in your charge could bray
About ‘ the one that almost got away’.
A generous host with streams of rich Rioja;
Invigorating champion of Girls’ Soccer.
To Class, to Stage, to any field of Sport
A double dose of energy you brought.
You’ve proved a worthy Captain of our ‘Ship’,
On which you kept a kindly, caring grip.
Your labours, as you lay your Burdens down,
Ensure our Future, further our Renown.

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