Gold-Dust For ‘Sir’ Harry

[‘You should commit to some permanent form your account of your journeys with your grandson. They will be gold-dust for him one day.’ Charles Lysaght, January 21, 2012]

My ‘heart-walk’ opportunity affords
With grandson Harry, as my ‘guard’ in tow,
To practice martial arts, with twigs as swords,
Enacting warriors from Long Ago.
Our ‘bloody’ Progress through the nearby Wood, [1]
Which serves as Sherwood Forest, then Louvain,
Depicts the victories of Robin Hood,
Sir Guy’s, Prince John’s defeats; long drawn-out pain.
Heroes and villains seen on celluloid,
[Thanks, MGM !] people our fight-filled routes; [2]
King Arthur, Zorro, fill out many a void,
With passing cars emitting mirthful hoots. [3]
Walk-climax:- Double Knighthood is conferred.
Kneel! Rise Sir Granda!” – as the final word. [4]

23.January 2012

1. The Roebuck Road Entrance to University College Dublin provides a delightful woodland setting, suitable for such martial endeavour as we indulge in. Street fighting is then continued around the corner in the up-market Louvain area.

2. eg. E.Flynn, B.Rathbone, C.Rains.

3. Our comedy show has distracted drivers on occasion.

4. As at the end of the Robin Hood film. On one occasion we actually ‘knighted’ one another with Sir Maurice’s dress sword (part of his Court Dress.)

Note: I owe both this piece and In Memoriam Aengus Fanning to Charles Lysaght. While walking away from St.Joseph’s Church in Gasthule, scene of his own superb address on A.F, after the funeral on Friday 20th,also ringing in my noble words by the heroic Anne Harris, wife of Aengus. I felt I must show my support, but HOW?

Charles suggested I should write some verses on the Great Man. On Tuesday 24th he emailed me: “Do keep trying a little longer for inspiration on Aengus.” Thanks to this encouragement I did not throw in the sponge! The result appeared in the “Sunday Independent”[of which Aengus had been Editor from 1984-2012] on 29th January.

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