Paper Caper

For Johanna Weis, the day she graduates as a Bachelor of Arts.
November 6, 2007

Johanna, with despair I wail:-
Today you shed your female splendour,
Becoming (check the scroll!) a male…
It’s there, Official: change of gender.

Over your much-prized parchment pore,
Confirm the witness of your eyes:
The DCU scroll tells no lies.

Can nothing this dire step reverse?
Can nothing cancel this disaster?
Alas! Your Fate gets even worse,
For in due course you’ll be a MASTER.

Johanna, victim of my rhyme,
Enough of this Morganic caper!
Approaching your resplendent prime
You’ll just remain a male…..ON PAPER.

Note: this was read out by Franz Weis (OC) her brother,at the family party in Maikammer to celebrate Johanna’s high grade at DCU.

A piece with a Columban connection. Johanna, after a most successful two years at SCC blossomed out still further at DCU [BA and MA] besides becoming captain of the Irish Ladies Fencing team. In her case the pen and the sword were equally mighty. Ever Upwards!- She is now Managing Director of the Milan branch of an American multinational language and communication provider.

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